Top 5 Sites To Test Your Browser Fingerprint in 2022

fingerprint on computer mouse

Browser fingerprinting is one of the scariest online tracking techniques because it’s very accurate and it’s hard to defend against. Many methods that people use to try to protect their privacy actually make their browser fingerprint more unique, making them easier to track. It’s critical that you get to know what your fingerprint looks like because you can be sure that Big Tech is using it to follow you all across the web.

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Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services, more commonly known as WiFi-calling, can be an invaluable resource for getting extra phone numbers at a cheap price. They are indispensable for the privacy-minded individual, not only because different phone numbers can be used for different purposes, but also because they are not tied to your current location like SIM-based phone numbers are.

I got an email today from commemorating the 1-year anniversary since I started using their service, so I figured it’s time to write a review.

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Mic Lock Review: The Most Underrated Privacy Tool

mic lock plugged into laptop and cellphone

Ever wonder whether your device is listening to and recording you even when it’s not supposed to? Ever accidentally butt-dialed someone only for them to hear a conversation that they shouldn’t have heard? Mic Lock is the web-cam sticker equivalent for microphone blocking that is totally underappreciated for protecting your privacy.

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Top 8 Open Source Fitness Apps For Privacy

woman looking at exercise watch

I think we all can agree that our health takes precedence over our privacy. We all need to workout in order to keep our bodies fit and well, and fitness apps on ours phones can help us to track our goals and keep us motivated. Unfortunately, many of the most popular exercise apps also sell our sensitive health data, and insurance companies are buying that data in order to justify raising our rates. So, what fitness apps are available that protect our privacy?

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Protect Your Contacts Data: The Best Open Source Solutions

contacts shield graphic

Your contacts data is one of the most sought-after pieces of information about you. Not to mention, it’s not just your data, you are retaining the private data of your friends, family, and business partners which comes with an ethical obligation to protect that information. Are you keeping your contacts data secure? Together, let’s discuss who’s after your contacts data and how you can best protect it.

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Bitwarden vs. KeePassXC: Which Password Manager Is Better?

bitwarden versus keepassxc graphic

When choosing a password manager, we want to choose the best possible software with no compromises. After all, this program is going to be storing your login credentials to every website, which is arguably the most sensitive data you have. Luckily, there are some great options available. In this article, we’re going to talk about the two most recommended password managers for privacy and security, Bitwarden and KeePassXC, and help you to decide which one you should use.

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Best Open Source Android Calendar Apps For Privacy in 2022

open source android calendar app logos ranked on pedestal

If you’ve switched to a digital calendar, have you thought about how much your calendar events could reveal about you? Regular work events could reveal both where you work and the times when you are not home. An appointment with a therapist could reveal brewing marital problems. Parties could reveal to insurance companies that you are likely engaging in reckless behavior. I could go on.

Let’s learn how to protect this data and keep your personal schedule private. In this article I will cover the best calendar apps for Android that will help you to ditch privacy-invasive services like Google Calendar.

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Complete Beginners Guide To Ad-Blocking Using uBlock Origin

ublock origin logo with cape protecting earth with shield

I’m constantly surprised at the number of my friends and family members that don’t use ad blockers. Some don’t know which ad blockers to use, or how to use the one they have. Some feel overwhelmed from the technical knowledge required to understand ad blocking. Some don’t understand why content blocking is important for safe, private web browsing. Today I’m going to cover all these questions and concerns and teach you how to use the most powerful ad blocker on the web, uBlock Origin.

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The Best Firefox Setup For Privacy: Settings and Extensions

close up of firefox logo on electronic screen

A good browser set up should be one of the highest priorities when it comes to privacy. This is our interface with the web, and our web traffic can reveal a lot of information about us. So much so that there are many parties who wish to collect and use this data for their own purposes. Advertisers like Google and Facebook are the most common threat in this space, but a good browser set up can transform this siphon of personal information into a thick shield to protect you.

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Best Open Source Reddit Wrapper Apps On F-Droid

close up of reddit app logo on electronic screen

In 2021, it’s probably safe to say that Reddit’s golden age as a forum site is over. It’s now well known for power-hungry moderators, teams of bots, and most of the privacy violations practiced by Big Tech. Even though Reddit has a long history of allowing pseudonym accounts without verifying your identity, advanced tracking and oversharing often allows for de-anonymization even if you never share your real name.

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